The Uganda Bikers was founded to promote the enjoyment of owning and riding motorcycles.
Our current mission is to raise funds for a local grassroots charity providing services such as healthcare and education to AIDs orphans.
At the same time we promote awareness of road safety while exploring the many scenic roads of Uganda and other African destinations.

Uganda Bikers (UB) is a non-profit organization primarily involved in raising HIV/AIDS awareness; provision of school fees for orphans affected by HIV and promotion of road safety in Africa and more specifically in Uganda. In 2004, the Ministry of Health dubbed UB the “Ambassadors of Hope”.UB membership is made up of a unique blend of foreigners and Ugandans, both males and females who share the passion for riding and the love of motorcycles. The current members are from Canada, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, South Africa, Sudan, Sweden, Uganda, UK and USA.