Angela Ssemukutu is the current Vice President of Uganda Bikers where she has been an active member since 2016. She is also the past president of Rotary club Kampala Muyenga Breeze. She shares her journey and highlights as a biker.

When did you start riding & why?

I started riding bikes about 6yrs ago because I have a thrill for speed and adrenaline. I have worked in high intense environments that require critical thinking and that’s why I started riding.

Who or what inspired you to start riding?

I watch motor GP a lot and also bikes on the Isle of TT inspired to get into the spot.

When did you join Uganda Bikers?

I joined UB in 2016 but I started out guest riding with them for about a year before officially joining.

How has your life been positively impacted as a result of being part of UB?

UB core values are road safety, HIV prevention and Cancer awareness. Every one of those has affected me in one way or another. So riding for those causes gives me courage to preach to people out there that this world can be a healthier, safer and better world if we all play our parts.

What is the most interesting thing being a biker has taught you?

Being safe and appreciating other road users. Unless you are a rider, you have no idea what drivers think when both of you are on the road.

What is the biggest challenge you have faced as a biker?

Other road users who do not value the lives of bikers. We are just a bunch of rowdy fellows-so they think!

How has UB helped you scale those challenges?

Promoting road awareness on our trips..teaching prevention and being safe through being a female rider even escalates the message.

What advice would you give to people who want to become bikers?

You must first of all love bikes. Not just like them.