Why Ride?

The motivation of balancing on two wheels is exactly what made us sit, walk, jump and run as young children.

Enjoy the Ride

Why Ride

The answer is not simple and many of us ride for different reasons. Ri...

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Riding in a Group

The conduct and behavior of riding bikes in a group is part of Group R...

The love for Bikes

Life is good when you’re on a bike. A good bike-it list! Have yo...

Uganda Bikers

Un-like cars, Bikes have “tiny” little parts that are supp...

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So much fun, you will smile!

Please take this step by step. First learn how to ride / roll a bicycl...

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Noble Causes

Uganda Bikers moral goal goes far beyond trying to influence the publi...

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Follow us as we Share the Joy of the Ride!

Charitable Causes

We donate our time and resources in partnership with reputable firms to sponsor public relations or promotional campaign

Rebuilding a bike

It started with me being interested in a complete rebuild project of some sorts. The bike I found was born like in this

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Warning Signs on the Open Road

Every one of us who has ventured onto the road driving or riding has encountered them. Pedestrians daily walk across roa

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HIV/AIDS And Road Carnage

These two killers know no colour, boundary, size or age and yet they thrive in the areas of life we “enjoy”